Conference & Events Filming

Irwin Video provide events filming services for large events, such as the Usdaw National Annual Conference, as well as many smaller events – seminars, symposiums, festivals, product launches. Whatever the event, we have the equipment and experience to ensure a high quality and cost effective events filming and recording service.

HD Vision Mixing for Events Filming

HD Vision Mixing for Live Events Filming

We offer both single camera and multi-camera events filming coverage with live HD vision mix. We also utilise cameras with a wireless HD video transmission system, for events where running cables would be too hazardous. Added to this is a wireless talkback system, so the camera operator has the freedom to film in any situation whilst still being in contact with the director.

We can also web stream or webcast your event live from any location, even venues which don’t have a suitable internet connection. We can also integrate Twitter and Facebook into the live web-stream so viewers can socialize with each other as well as communicate with the event contributors.

The events filming can later be made available in its entirety, for on-demand viewing, either through a public domain or a secure site. Or we can edit the footage to produce a summary film of the event which can be used to promote similar future events.


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