Irwin Video provide many market research filming services including focus group filming and web streaming, in-depth interview filming, vox-pop filming and we produce consumer insight films. Often, focus group filming is required when the focus group is taking place in a hotel conference room and a video link is required to display the video on a TV screen watched by clients in a close by room. The focus group recordings are also used as an aide memoir for the researcher. Sometimes the video of the focus groups are used to produce a video summary of findings.

Last week and this, Irwin Video have been filming focus groups in viewing facilities in the UK and Germany. Of course viewing facilities usually include a DVD recording of the focus group in their price, so why bring in a professional camera operator? This goes back to the researcher using video to report their findings. Whilst the DVD recording at the viewing facility will suffice in some situations, professionally filmed focus groups can offer much more engaging viewing, with close-up filming of the respondents. Our video recordings are high definition and of a much crisper quality. And we ensure high quality sound pick-up by using more and well positioned microphones.  In addition, the researcher goes away with a copy of the recordings in high quality MPEG-4 format, all on a USB pen drive: This makes storing, sharing and viewing the files much more convenient than a set of DVDs.

Last week our camera operator Andrew was market research filming at Aspect Viewing in Cheshire, followed by The White Rooms in Hertfordshire. This week he is continuing the project in Germany at Quovadis Test Studio in Cologne.  As well as filming the focus groups in Cologne, Andrew is also installing simultaneous interpretation equipment so that a translator can interpret for clients and researchers watching the focus group. A recording of the English interpretation is also being made.

The researchers will later use the video files to analyse the research and select key quotes which they would like to include in their video report. Irwin Video will then compile the clips ready to be inserted in to a presentation.

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